About us


YUPP is for Youth Entrepreneurship.

Isn’t it about time that we brought creative minds, pioneering people and top class resources together? We have been together apart for so long now and at YUPP Life we believe that the best way to make progress is to join forces and make great things happen.

Discover the perfect partner, that activating bit of knowledge or that extra motivation to ignite your business’ success!

Business Structure Masterclasses will unpack strategy while young entrepreneurs with a wealth of knowledge and professional experience. All in YUPP!

Welcome to a brand new home for your future friends, colleagues, ideas, job opportunities and so much more.

We have created this platform in collaboration with young people just like you so that you can be provided with opportunities to learn, meet new people, get real-time advice on your careers, or business ideas and live a life of impact and progression.

And the best thing about it, is the YUPP Life is free for life!

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